Hello! We are a bunch of enthusiastic explorers, divers, engineers & software developers with a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is believed to be possible!

Because of our wide range of expertise in-house – it has allowed us to be the world leaders in underwater vision technology.

We care about adding interesting and viable updates to our ROV so that our clients have the greatest technology underwater.  This is what drives us all, every single day.

Background of Company

Boxfish Robotics began after a chance meeting between three engineers who happened to be trialling home built ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) at the same time and location in Auckland, New Zealand. Disappointed with the results and feeling ROV technology had been stagnant since the 90’s they vowed to build a better ROV using up to date control algorithms coupled with smart engineering design and software solutions.

Over the course of 5 years, initially part time and then full time, the trio achieved remarkable results. They created an industry leading ROV, that is lightweight, easy to use, easy to deploy combined with unmatched image quality, manoeuvrability, range and depth with elegant simplicity.

We started shipping ROVs in September 2018. We have pending patents for several key areas of our ROV and more patentable designs that are currently treated as trade secrets. Later in 2021 they developed their AUV and resident vehicles to solve the growing demand in offshore inspection. Boxfish Robotics is well placed to achieve its strategic goals with a strong core product range, an excellent development and management team.

The attraction initially, was knowing we had the hardest technical challenge ahead of us, and making it work and we did. We have built something that is truly great, and we love that we are pushing the boundaries of technology.

The Co-Founders of Boxfish Robotics

The Boxfish experts

Craig Anderson

Boxfish co-founder Craig Anderson

Craig is a co-founder of Boxfish Robotics and looks after control systems, software, electrical and electronic development. Craig is an experienced entrepreneur and technical genius. He has founded a number of successful startups. Craig has key skills in electronics, software, optics and telecommunications.

Ben King

Ben King, Co-founder, Boxfish Research

Ben is a co-founder and director of Boxfish Robotics. Ben  prides himself on technical creativity which is backed up by a history of ground-breaking research, product development and commercialisation in healthcare, robotics and mechanics.

Vera Bronza

Vera looks after Boxfish marketing and sales. She thrives on organising, multitasking and contributing to the company’s growth, using her double degree in Science & Marketing.

Douglas Grant

Douglas is our Lead R&D Engineer who has developed and expanded on the electronics and firmware capabilities of the Boxfish ROVs. Douglas leads our autonomous development and is rapidly expanding our capabilities in that area.

Luke Chang

Luke Chang photo

Dr. Luke Chang completed his PhD in adversarial machine learning and computer vision. He recently joined the Boxfish R&D team, which focuses on incorporating the latest machine learning technology into developing robust, AI-driven, fully autonomous ROVs.

Jamie Bell

Dr. Jamie Bell is our R&D Robotics Engineer, with a background in autonomous navigation, robotic manipulation, and multi-modal sensing. He brings experience from previously creating driverless vehicles, fruit harvesting robots and underwater … more sensor systems.

Joerg Werner

Joerg has been a pivotal member of the Boxfish team since he joined 4 years ago as a Production and Test and training Engineer. Over time, he has expanded his role to include technical service support, leveraging his expertise in technical service management and production support. 

Michael Lopez

Michael is our Production Manager. He is responsible for managing the supply chain, controlling inventory, running the MRP system, and helping ensure the Boxfish production schedule is met, and deliveries are made … more on time. Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering and experience managing SMT production in Singapore as department head.

Sam Holm

Sam has joined the Boxfish team as a Mechatronics Technician. His background involves development of inductive power systems in harsh environments as well as in engineering consulting. The focus of Sam’s work is to develop ways to increase the efficiency of ROV production and interface with R&D.

Hugh Quach

Hugh focuses on the final assembly, integration of sensors and grabbers, and is responsible for manufacturing the tether reels and tether termination.