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Customer Reviews

We can tell you all we like about how good our Boxfish is and the constant reactions we get of ‘wow, that is a sublime piece of kit’ and ‘that is a very impressive ROV’.  However, hearing from our customers who use it in the field is where it mostly matters.  To us too.


Black Whales Pictures

You can achieve with the Boxfish Luna and its control of everything in the camera whatever you want, and then the small artists in every cameraman can speak.
Antoine Drancey, Underwater filmmaker, Drone and ROV operator

Inspired Planet Productions

The Boxfish Luna fits in a pretty amazing niche where someone like an independent production company can get one and start exploring waterways, and lakes, and oceans in a way that before just really hasn’t been possible. It’s a really exciting time for us as filmmakers.

Co-directors Yvonne Drebert and Zach Melnick

School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington

Our work would not be possible without our Boxfish Alpha. We love working with Boxfish Robotics.

Professor James J. Bell

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Boxfish 360 camera met all our criteria, its external lights provided good illumination and helped with detecting and identifying animals. The Boxfish camera is easy to transport, assemble, deploy, and recover from an unstable surface such as a small boat.

Lenaïg G. Hemery

Heritage Malta

Since implementing the Boxfish 360, we discovered an entirely new way of sharing underwater sites that are otherwise invisible to the general public.
Timmy Gambin

Ports of Auckland

We were particularly impressed with the Boxfish ROV – relatively small, compact, easy handled, and with great video capabilities. The solution that Boxfish incorporated in the ROV is quite unique and it works well.

Nigel Ironside, Senior Environmental Advisor

Tahiti Private Expeditions

Boxfish ROV unlocked the opportunities for our clients to see the underwater world with clear crips video monitoring even if they can’t dive for medical reasons. When diving was not an option, Boxfish ROV helped us with a hull inspection and saved our expedition!

Christelle and Rodolphe Holler, The Superyacht dive experts

Sea Dog Productions

I have been using the Boxfish for 2 years now and love the system. Compared to other 360 systems I have used the workflow is simple and the stitching is easier.

Tom Boyd, Co-Founder/Underwater Cinematographer

Recipient of a Ernest F. Hollings Ocean Awareness Award

The Boxfish multi-camera underwater camera system is a well designed platform for shooting high-end 4k immersive visual images of marine wildlife. From encounters with sharks to coral reefs to shipwrecks the camera has enabled me to apply the artistry of underwater image-making to a 360 environment.

Keith Ellenbogen, Underwater Photographer & Storyteller

Top Predator Antarctic research programme

If it works at almost 78°S, it’ll work anywhere! The Boxfish ROV performed above and beyond expectations during our expedition to study Antarctic killer whales. A serious kit for serious researches in a portable, easy-to-use package. Can recommend!

Dr Regina Eisert, Lead scientist @TPAonIce

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

The Boxfish ROV platform has unlocked new possibilities in marine ecological research for us.

Dr Leigh Tait, Marine Biologist (Biosecurity) at NIWA

Radiant Images

What a day, it was epic my encounter with sea lions – thank you so much for your tutorial I’m just so pleased with the ease of the Boxfish 360. I’ve been using the 24 screw abyss for 2 years and wish I knew of your unit earlier.

Adam Ravetch, DOP

Underwater music video production

Boxfish ROV really solves a lot of production issues,  when it comes to safety and the ability to communicate with your DOP and operator on the surface. Can’t recommend enough!

Anthony Plant, DP

Antarctica for Science Under The Ice

We have absolutely stunning material taken with the Boxfish 360! It have worked perfectly even in the cold. We tried once with the lamps, but found out that there is light enough to shoot just straight without extra light.

Patrick "Pata" Degerman, Explorer

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

We have had great success producing, shooting and editing the footage. The workflow is a key element that Boxfish really thought out and made simple for us. With me being a one-man-band and having to learn VR workflow, the Boxfish really streamlines everything.

Nick Zachar, Filmmaker

NZ Cinematographer Society Member

I first met the Boxfish team when I was researching an underwater project. I was very excited by the creative possibilities. It is groundbreaking stuff offer up shots we’d traditionally not be able to get with an underwater camera operator only.

David Paul, Cinematographer

NZ Cinematographer Society Member

Boxfish opened up all sorts of new creative ways to approach underwater cinematography using the new Boxfish underwater drone. It is an impressive underwater high resolution camera drone as well as underwater VR units with all kinds of versatility. The footage speaks for itself.

Simon Raby, NZCS President