Boxfish surpasses expectations for all ROV applications

Marine science

Boxfish ROVs provides performance comparable to much larger working class ROVs while its video quality matches and often exceeds that of even the most advanced systems on the market.

Offshore Energy

Boxfish ROVs and AUVs for safe and efficient underwater structural inspections and monitoring on wind farms.

Underwater Filming

Ultimate image quality, stable platform, extended runtime and ability to access to areas unreachable with a diver in a portable high spec underwater drone Boxfish Luna!

Commercial Diving

Boxfish ROVs provide detailed and accurate reports of underwater assets for optimal performance.

School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington

Our work would not be possible without our Boxfish Alpha. We love working with Boxfish Robotics.

Professor James J. Bell

Ports of Auckland

We were particularly impressed with the Boxfish ROV – relatively small, compact, easy handled, and with great video capabilities. The solution that Boxfish incorporated in the ROV is quite unique and it works well.

Nigel Ironside, Senior Environmental Advisor

Tahiti Private Expeditions

Boxfish ROV unlocked the opportunities for our clients to see the underwater world with clear crips video monitoring even if they can’t dive for medical reasons. When diving was not an option, Boxfish ROV helped us with a hull inspection and saved our expedition!

Christelle and Rodolphe Holler, The Superyacht dive experts

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