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Boxfish Robotics product line of underwater drones, ROVs, AUVs and 360 cameras designed to set the standard for underwater vision, and all the benefits that come with that.

Resident AUV ARV-i Demonstration of Submerged Asset Inspection - Video Still

Boxfish & Transmark


Autonomous underwater
resident vehicle

ARV-i, designed by Boxfish Robotics and powered by Transmark SubSea, is an innovative autonomous underwater resident vehicle for continuous monitoring of underwater assets. It excels at automated and remote inspection of offshore energy installations, offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore wind farms and offshore aquaculture plants.

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Hovering autonomous
underwater drone

The Boxfish AUV is our next generation, customisable underwater drone with six degrees of freedom operation and dynamic stabilisation. Its expandable architecture was designed from its inception to support both autonomous operations and tethered, high-bandwidth cameras and sensors via a fibre-optic connection.

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underwater drone

The Boxfish Luna is our next generation, underwater drone for professional cinematographers and natural history filmmakers and provides both a stable filming platform and real-time monitoring of production quality video.

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Expeditionary class ROV

The Boxfish ROV is an industry leading observation class ROV with intelligent fault-tolerant design which provides 4K live video from depths of up to 1,000 meters, capable for heavy current operation with precise positioning at any angle.

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Inspection class ROV

The Boxfish Alpha is our next generation underwater drone for asset inspection, observation and light intervention work. Built using many of the same components as our 1000m Boxfish ROV, Alpha is a versatile and reliable remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for getting work done. 

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ROV accessories
& sensors

The Boxfish ROV platform has flexible design and can be easily custom configured with multibeam imaging sonar, manipulator/grabber, altimeter, USBL, 3D mapping, laser scaler and much more.

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