Exceptional Performance and Capabilities in a Compact Package

The Boxfish ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) provides performance comparable to much larger working class ROVs in terms of stability, modularity, and depth ratings, but at just a fraction of the cost. Video quality matches and often exceeds that of even the most advanced systems on the market.

The Boxfish ROV opens up the opportunity to launch the vehicle from a simple boat or land platform, to fly to different locations, and provides great accessibility so required in marine research.

Low Cost

The relatively low cost of the Boxfish ROV in addition to not requiring an expensive support vessel for deployment gives a cost-efficient option to research institutions and educators. They can use Boxfish ROV to explore new opportunities and solutions to create novel and impactful scientific outputs.

Sensor integration options allow collecting a vast array of data. The option to install manipulators and sampling systems further increase the range of possible missions and marine science fieldwork.

Key specifications of Boxfish ROV for marine science and research

  • Industry leading image quality
  • Capable of providing accurate results
  • Cheap and easy to operate
  • Portable, self contained, and reliable
  • Precise manoeuvrability even in strong currents
  • Depth capability to 300m / 600m/ 1000m (optional)
  • Ultra light weight tether for minimum drag
  • Configurable vision systems and a wide range of camera options
  • Underwater navigation options
  • Direct recording at the surface for rapid sharing or streaming

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