We are accessible for our clients and we are happy to help.

At Boxfish Robotics we offer our clients a one year warranty on our Boxfish AlphaBoxfish ROV and Boxfish Luna.

Assembling a ROV Tether Reel in Production
Boxfish ROV tether and tether reel being assembled in production
Boxfish Alpha in Production with Grabber
Boxfish ROV with grabber add-on
Grabber being attached to ROV

We welcome our clients emailing us to ask questions when required (including discussing ideas for technical add-ons for their ROV!).

We have found the most common issues are easily remedied remotely. We supply spare parts with original order for items like thrusters.

Just as an aside, prior to going to market, we undertook extensive testing in Antarctica and in remote regions of the tropics, which were totally problem free.
We are actively seeking to develop relationships with service agents worldwide.

After Sales Service

Following a purchase, we provide various support for our clients outside our two-day training.  We let all our customers know via email if there are any updates.

Firmware updates involve simply copying files from our website or email onto a USB stick and inserting them into the control station (updates the ROV and the control station itself).

As we are continuing developing and Boxfish technology increases, we upgrade electronics to add new features. Our ROVs are modular in design, so the hardware can be upgraded to add new features. (This is at an additional cost).

We have upgrades available including sonar, USBL, DVL, a number of environmental sensors and more planned for the future or by request.

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