Elevating Underwater Imaging Expertise in Autonomous Systems 

Boxfish Robotics brings exceptional 4K video and images to its autonomous vehicle lineup, improving on our industry-leading earlier designs in the newest AUV 4K camera head.

In the world of autonomous underwater exploration, the role of image quality cannot be overstated. From the very inception of Boxfish Robotics, our commitment to superior image quality has been deeply ingrained in our values and design philosophy. This commitment is the cornerstone of our underwater robotics products.

Boxfish ROVs have earned a well-deserved reputation for their exceptional video quality, coupled with precise control and unmatched manoeuvrability. The Boxfish ROV and Boxfish Alpha are equipped with large sensor camera allowing best image quality within their class and even comparable with that of work class ROVs. At the forefront of our ROV lineup stands the Boxfish Luna, our cinematic flagship with its professional-grade 50M, 8K 10-bit full-frame sensor camera, it has garnered recognition from leading filmmakers and producers across the globe.

Extending Expertise to Autonomous Underwater Systems

When we expanded our solutions to autonomous robotics, we were determined to uphold our commitment to superior image quality. We understand that clear, high-resolution imagery is essential for a wide range of applications, from scientific research to industrial inspections and beyond.

Our autonomous systems, the Boxfish AUV and ARV-i, inherit the rich legacy of our ROVs. They incorporate a 20MP, 4K video camera for unmatched video quality alongside one or two pairs of stereo machine vision cameras to assist with autonomous navigation. Optimised lighting solutions, ensure industry leading video even when visibility is poor. 

Boxfish Robotics HAUV robot ARV-i with 4K camera head, lighting, forward looking sonar, DVL and miniCTD
ARV-i autonomous resident drone with 4K camera head and front stereo cameras

Evolution of the 4K Camera Head

In our initial version, a single dome housed both the large 4K camera and two machine vision cameras. While this design had its merits, such as retaining our existing 1,000m optics for the 4K camera we use in our Boxfish ROV systems, it presented challenges related to the accuracy or our machine vision solution due to the positioning of the machine vision cameras. 

Hence, Boxfish embarked on a journey of innovation and redesign, leading to the introduction of the second generation of 4K camera heads. In this revamped design, individual domes are dedicated to each of the stereo cameras with a larger dome for the main 4K camera. In addition, we have redesigned the dome to improve the match to the 4K camera’s lens. This significant enhancement has resulted in improved image quality, enhanced 3D machine vision.

ARV-i with 4K camera head 3D render

Boxfish AUV/ARV-i 4K camera head 3D render
ARV-i 4K camera head closeup
Boxfish AUV/ARV-i 4K camera head closeup photo

Redefining Imaging Standards for Autonomous Robotics

At Boxfish, our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in underwater imaging. By transferring our knowledge and experience in superb underwater imaging to our autonomous systems, we are not only setting new standards for this new industry but also redefining how people see, understand, and learn about the underwater world.