ROV Development | Boxfish Luna optics and add-ons

We’re continuously enhancing the Boxfish Luna, driven by our commitment to excellence. Our latest focus was on elevating performance and user experience, especially in terms of underwater optics and lighting. Explore our most recent improvements in this blog!

In this blog we will share some key updates that make the Boxfish Luna an even more powerful tool for capturing stunning underwater footage and conducting research.

Interchangeable Optics Architecture

One of the standout features of the Boxfish Luna is its compatibility with interchangeable optics. With the latest version, operators can easily swap between an integrated Sony A7SIII, Sony A7R V, or Alpha 1 camera in the field, depending on their specific needs. Additionally, the camera lenses and domes are also interchangeable, allowing filmmakers to transition seamlessly from zoom to fixed or macro lenses when required. This versatility enables capturing diverse perspectives and ensures exceptional image quality for a variety of underwater projects. With various lens dome combinations available, the possibilities are endless.

Semi hemispherical dome and 16-35 lens for the Boxfish LunaFlat dome and marco lens for the Boxfish Luna
Pic. 1. Dome/lens combo for the Boxfish Lina, semi-hemispherical dome with 16-35mm lens and a flat dome with a macro lens displayed left to right.

Improved Connectivity and Control

For the Boxfish Luna equipped with the Sony Alpha 1, we are pleased to introduce new WiFi capabilities that enhance convenience and control. The new WiFi feature enables laptops to connect wirelessly, providing flexibility in camera control (although we recommend using an ethernet cable for recording external camera footage). Additionally, remote control and software changes on the console now allow operators to switch between camera controls on the console itself and using the Sony app on a laptop or tablet, including over WiFi. The remote control even allows formatting the card in the camera and changing all settings effortlessly. Furthermore, we have introduced a new way of transferring files directly from the camera to a laptop using FTP, reducing the need to open the Luna during operations.

Advanced Underwater Lighting Options

To enhance lighting capabilities during underwater filming, we have introduced extended lighting arms for the Boxfish Luna. These arms, which can be folded for easy transportation in the Luna case, can be unfolded to reach a length of 80cm each. The lights attached to these arms are dimmable, allowing operators to adjust the lighting intensity from the surface, ensuring optimal illumination for capturing stunning visuals in the depths.

Boxfish Luna with dual lighting system of 34.000 lumens, extended lighting arms, additional camera, sonar, SVL, USBLBoxfish Luna with dual lighting system of 34.000 lumens, extended lighting arms, additional camera, sonar, SVL, USBL - storage mode
Pic. 2. The Boxfish Luna with the extended arms, filming and storage mode displayed left to right.

For diverse scientific needs, we also provide red, blue, infrared (IR), and ultraviolet (UV) lights options.

The Boxfish Luna continues to push the boundaries of underwater exploration and cinematography. The ability to swap between interchangeable cameras, improved connectivity and control options, and extended lighting arms all contribute to a seamless and exceptional underwater filming experience. We are excited to witness the incredible footage and groundbreaking research that will be made possible with the enhanced capabilities of the Boxfish Luna!

To learn more about the Boxfish Luna and explore how it can revolutionise your underwater projects, please visit our website or contact our team. Discover the depths like never before with the Boxfish Luna!