Underwater 8K Drone for Filmmaking

Boxfish Luna

Boxfish Luna is the next-generation 8K drone from Boxfish Robotics. It is designed for underwater wildlife filmmaking, underwater cinematography and ocean research.

Boxfish Luna 8K Drone Underwater Close-up

Boxfish Luna is the only underwater drone with a full-frame 8K camera for professional cinematography and natural history filmmaking. The drone’s camera allows filmmakers to shoot amazing 8K video and 50MP digital stills underwater.


The underwater drone makes documenting scientific imagery and data quick, easy and safe. Operators can equip Boxfish Luna with up to eight sensors or add-ons for research and data collection.

Video introducing the Boxfish Luna

Drone Solution for 8K Underwater Filmmaking

The cinematography and wildlife filmmaking industries face many challenges when working underwater.

Boxfish Luna 8K Drone Underwater With Marine Life
  • Cinematographers must manage multiple factors. These include dive time, air consumption, and camera housing.
  • Wildlife documentary filmmakers must also be aware of animal behaviour. They cannot focus solely on capturing the perfect underwater footage.
  • Commercial diving’s health and safety regulations can make underwater film production complicated and expensive. Scuba divers can also disturb some marine species.
  • Traditional underwater filming methods are slow, requiring complex underwater camera equipment and planning. This is particularly the case in the uncontrolled ocean environment.

Boxfish Luna helps minimise these issues. Using a drone increases marine safety and lowers the cost of underwater cinematography and research expeditions. The drone enables wildlife filmmakers to get very close to marine life. Thus, allowing them to capture stunning underwater footage of decisive moments.

The Boxfish ROV really solves a lot of production issues when it comes to safety and the ability to communicate with your DOP and operator on the surface.

Anthony Plant, Director of Photography

Key Features of the Underwater 8K Drone

Six Degrees of Freedom of Movement Icon - Underwater 8K Drone

Stable & Manoeuvrable

Film super-smooth shots similar to aerial cinematography

Portability icon - Boxfish Luna

Portable & User-friendly 

Set up and deploy the drone in minutes with a two-person team

ROV Control Console icon - Underwater 8K Drone

Intuitive Control Console

Control underwater lighting, drone camera position and camera settings on the surface

50MP Stills and 8K Video icon - Boxfish Luna

Professional Full-frame Sony Drone Camera

Capture up to 8K video and up to 50MP underwater photographs

High Speed Zero Lag Data Transfer icon - Underwater Cinematography Drone

High-speed Fibre-optic Tether

Monitor live-streamed 4K underwater video with near-zero latency on the surface

Swap Camera and Lens icon

Changeable Drone Camera & Lenses

Switch between a Sony A7SIII or Sony ⍺1 (Alpha) camera and swap camera lenses

Depth Rating icon

Shallow or Deep-sea Filming

The large optical dome can be swapped from acrylic to glass for 1000m filming

Compact and Lightweight icon

Lightweight & Compact

Explore small spaces that are dangerous or not accessible to divers

UN38.3 Travel Safety Compliant icon

UN38.3 Travel Safety Compliant

ROV lithium battery is UN38.3 certified for safe transport

Shot on Boxfish Luna 8K Drone

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Technical Highlights

Depth Rating500m.
Upgradeable to 1000m
PortableWeight in air (salt water ballast): 25kg (55lbs).
Dimensions (l/w/h): 714mm (28in)/ 435mm (17in)/ 351mm (14in).
Primary CameraIntegrated Sony α1 (Boxfish Luna 8K) or Sony A7SIII (Boxfish Luna 4K) professional mirrorless camera.
Capacity depends on camera selection. Full frame Sony camera delivering up to 8K 30p and up to 4K 60p/120p recording. Up to 4K30p ProRes RAW and 4K 30p 10-bit 4:4:4 recording at the surface. Up to 50MP digital stills.
Navigation CamerasForward and reverse navigation cameras – FHD 180-degree wide-angle.
Surface Control Station17″ 4K UHD main display, 10″ sunlight-readable secondary navigation display and three joy sticks for easy control.
Complete control of camera settings, including focus, white balance and ISO.
Splash-proof open. Waterproof closed.
Battery Capacity & EnduranceEquipped with a 600 Wh battery with 4-15 hours endurance and 5-hour recharge via AC (typical).
Fast 1-hour recharge optional.
Underwater LightingDimmable, high CRI forward lighting consisting of 2 x 8,500 lumens mounted on adjustable arms. Option to add two extra video lights.
Reverse lights.
High-Speed TetherUltra-lightweight, neutrally buoyant 2.7mm diameter fibre optic tether with a breaking strength of 110kg.
Upgradeable to 4.3mm high-strength tether and from standard 200m to 5,000m length.
FlexibilityBuilt-in payload capacity for installation of up to eight accessories or sensors.

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