Boxfish Robotics: A Finalist Among the Innovators at the 2024 Hi-Tech Awards

Boxfish Robotics is proud to announce our selection as a finalist in the Hi-Tech Hardware Product category at the 2024 NZ Hi-Tech Awards. Amidst a record-breaking number of entrants, our inclusion stands as a testament to our innovative contributions to underwater robotics.

The 2024 Hi-Tech Awards saw an unprecedented number of entries from a diverse range of technology sectors across New Zealand. David Downs, Chair of the Hi-Tech Trust, emphasized the growing standard and variety in this year’s submissions. It’s inspiring to see the hi-tech sector’s continued evolution, marked by increasing diversity and excellence.

As one of the finalists, Boxfish Robotics is celebrated for pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration with our advanced ROVs and HAUVs. This nomination acknowledges our dedication to creating tools that empower professionals to discover, analyze, and protect our marine environments.

This year’s finalists represent the pinnacle of New Zealand’s hi-tech sector, showcasing resilience and innovation that make a mark on the global stage. The Hi-Tech Awards, now in their 29th year, shine a spotlight on the best in our industry, from software to agritech and beyond.

We look forward to the Gala Dinner on May 24th at Spark Arena in Auckland, where winners will be announced amidst a gathering of over 1,200 attendees. It’s an honor to stand alongside fellow innovators like IMMORTAL Camera Systems, Kitea Health, and NovoLabs, all vying for the Braemac Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Product Award.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement, reflecting our commitment to excellence and the spirit of innovation that drives Boxfish Robotics. Here’s to exploring new depths together, as we continue to shape the future of underwater technology.