Introducing ARV-i the resident AUV

Last month, Transmark Subsea and Boxfish Research launched the ARV-i, a fully autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) operable in resident mode. This innovative underwater resident vehicle was designed in a joint partnership for the continuous monitoring of offshore assets.

The resident AUV ARV-i excels at the automated and remote inspection of underwater assets in offshore industries, including energy, oil and gas, wind farms and aquaculture. Watch the new video to learn more about this cutting-edge technology’s capabilities.

About the Resident Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

A video introducing the capabilities of the ARV-i, a fully autonomous resident vehicle (AUV) for offshore infrastructure and asset inspection.

Our Partner and Reseller Transmark Subsea

Established in 2009, Transmark Subsea are specialists in high-tech subsea solutions with offices in Bergen, Norway, and Aberdeen, Scotland. In addition to their product development and engineering capabilities, Transmark Subsea has comprehensive product support experience, enabling Boxfish Research to better service our European clients.

About Boxfish Research

Boxfish Research designs and manufactures industry-leading, actively stabilised, ultra-high-definition underwater drones and 360 cameras for submerged asset inspection, marine science, offshore energy and cinematography. We incorporate cutting edge technology with ease of use and advanced sensing to expand the possibilities for humans to understand, experience and work within the underwater world.