Giving Back to Moana

This year, Boxfish Research has decided to celebrate Christmas a little differently with the gift of impact in mind.  We wanted to say thank you to our dedicated partners by gifting them with super corals from Coral Gardeners. These corals have even survived a bleaching event in the wild! The purpose behind these gifts is to join the movement to restore and build stronger reefs while ensuring the genetic diversity of the underwater world.

Coral reefs are the world’s richest ocean ecosystems. They support an estimated 25 percent of marine species and combined with other marine organisms provide an estimated 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe. Coral Gardeners, based in French Polynesia, is one of the leaders of the coral restoration movement. They collect broken pieces of coral and place them in coral nurseries until they’re mature enough to be transplanted back onto the reef.

At Boxfish, we believe that healthy ocean ecosystems and marine habitats are vital to maintaining biological diversity and are the building blocks of a sustainable future. We put trust in the power of technology and encourage creativity to push the boundaries of ocean conversation and technology.

We hope that this gift has a greater impact on ocean health and has a positive effect that lasts years past our initiative. 

To learn more about coral and coral restoration, check out Coral Gardeners‘ website.

Boxfish Research would like to wish you all a joyous holiday season and a sustainable new year ahead!