Celebrating Four Years!

Boxfish Research began after a chance meeting between three engineers who happened to be trialing home built ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) at the same time and location in Auckland, NZ. Disappointed with the results and feeling ROV technology had been stagnant since the 90’s they vowed to build a better ROV using up to date control algorithms coupled with smart engineering design and software solutions.

Since the very beginning, Boxfish Research nowadays directed by Craig Anderson and Ben King, took on a number of challenges and found solutions for problems that hadn’t been solved before. Commitment to excellence, a strong team on the backend, and a sense of integrity and purpose is what kept Boxfish Research at the forefront for 4 years, with many more to come.

We are very thankful to everyone who has believed in our product design, or technology and our commitment to quality and service. We thank all our clients and partners who trust in what we are doing.

Here is a brief history of Boxfish Research so far, showcasing where we have been and laying a foundation for the amazing future ahead.

A Brief Look at Our History:

2016 – Boxfish Research was founded, a year after development began on the only professional underwater 360VR camera and Boxfish ROV.

2017 – Launched the underwater Boxfish 360 camera while getting enthusiastic feedback from the market; development of the Boxfish ROV continued through a number of prototypes while overcoming a great number of challenges and pushing the boundaries of technology.

2018 – After much testing, prototyping, and field trials, Boxfish Research launched the Boxfish ROV; the first batch of ROVs were sold.

2019 – Our third year was extremely busy, it started with a scientific expedition to Antarctica followed almost immediately with a mission in Papua New Guinea; we performed ship hull surveys and port inspections, that proved just how capable Boxfish ROV is for a variety of applications; visited our customers and partners in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Tahiti, New Zealand, USA and collaborating with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to build strong networks worldwide; our development continues with integration various sensors, grabbers, USBL etc.

2020 – Celebrating 4 years in business and a new Boxfish ROV working depth record of 710 meters happened on the same week; we launched our new website and went to another scientific expedition to Antarctica where we reached 263 meters at 1.8°C and tested our cinematography Boxfish ROV; we found new ways to work through both COVID-19 lockdowns and managed to conduct several in-person customer trainings.

With growing number of R&D projects, we step up into our 5th year and curious to see what happens next! Welcome to join our adventure!