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Experience the Underwater World with Smart Rabbit VR

In 2021, Edgar Galvez from Smart Rabbit VR released their latest and most innovative VR experience designed for everyone to enjoy — no matter where you’re located!

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the “future of work” from a high-level thought experiment into a daily reality. We have gradually begun to realise visions of a digitally connected world that seemed like a distant future just a few years ago. While video conferencing, cloud computing, and other technologies have played an important role in realising this vision, more and better innovations emerge as virtual and hybrid work becomes the new reality rather than a short-term fix. 

Virtual reality (VR) — immersive technologies that enable users to experience digitally rendered content in both physical and virtual space — have the potential to meet these immediate needs and transform the way we enjoy and experience many of the things we have missed out on in the last few years.   

That’s why in 2021, Edgar Galvez from Smart Rabbit VR released their latest and most innovative VR experience for everyone to enjoy — no matter where you’re located! 

Virtual Reality from Coast to Coast  

Smart Rabbit has been building VR solutions for many years, both for individuals and for larger governmental organizations. But their mission has always remained the same — deliver unique experiences for those who are unable to dive underwater or travel overseas.  

The “true” experience first became available in more recent years, with the advancement of technologies. These advancements have allowed Smart Rabbit to introduce educational and leisure programs to teach, train, and inspire their users. 

From Government to Everyday Entertainment

Smart Rabbit has worked closely with government organizations to provide VR experiences but as restrictions on travel and public gatherings have been limited, Smart Rabbit wanted to change their approach to how we truly create real life experiences. But how?! 

In March 2021, Smart Rabbit VR enabled anyone to access their personal VR video collection subscription using a QR code and their easy to use and affordable self-designed printed goggles.

This VR video collection gives people the opportunity to “travel” while experiencing the wonders of the world right from their own home. 

The collection includes twelve Costa Rica National Parks, including dry forests and underwater exhibitions. The Boxfish 360 has been monumental to this project by capturing all underwater footage incorporated into the VR experience.  

“The Boxfish 360 is not only easy to use and quick to deploy, but the image quality is ideal for our VR needs. We plan on adding more underwater footage from around the world, including a few exclusive New Zealand dives, thanks to the team at Boxfish!”

Edgar Galvez, Smart Rabbit VR

Take a sneak peek and explore Costa Rica from behind your goggles today!