Employee Spotlight: Pransh Rana, R&D Engineer

Pransh Rana joined Boxfish Research as a Vision & Controls R&D Engineer in 2020. Since then, he’s proven to be an indispensable and agile member of the Research & Development team, continually growing his technical expertise and soft skills.

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’ve put three questions to Pransh, focusing on his career growth and what’s unique about Boxfish and the team. 

1. How has your career grown since starting with Boxfish?

  • I have witnessed the other side of product development – customer support. Remotely helping customers with their questions and problems has been conducive to the growth of my debugging skills and people skills.
  • Coordinating multiple facets of the R&D process has also given me exposure to project management, which I find the most rewarding.
  • My role as an R&D Engineer has started to focus more heavily on the software side. I find it amazing how all the software for the Boxfish ROV works, facilitating an optimal user experience.
  • I went from R&D without a customer focus to customer awareness-based R&D. Incorporating customer interaction into the Research & Development process is also something I have learned. I often ask whether our customers will find it easy to use our ROV, or does the technology add some subtle barrier to our ROV’s accessibility?

2. What’s the most unique part of working at Boxfish?

  • What is unique about Boxfish is the wide range of responsibilities that one gets given. My role includes remote customer support, R&D and field testing.
  • Friday Pizza followed by ice blocs. 🤣

3. How would you describe the Boxfish Research & Development team?

The team is fun and supportive. I have learned a lot from different team members. Not just tech, but things about the kiwi culture too 😊

Thanks, Pransh, for your dedication and enthusiasm!

We love having you as part of the Boxfish team.