DK M-Tech – Boxfish Robotics Reseller in Korea

Boxfish Research (currently Boxfish Robotics), a New Zealand manufacturer of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), announced an authorised reseller agreement with DK M-Tech, a market-leading provider of specialised marine equipment in South Korea.

This new business partnership introduces Boxfish Robotics’s innovative ROV systems to the Korean market and enhances DK M-Tech’s capacity to improve Korea’s maritime safety and marine environment.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Boxfish Robotics designs and manufactures cutting-edge underwater robotic vehicles recognised internationally for their unparalleled vision technology, manoeuvrability and reliability. 

Boxfish ROVs are lightweight, versatile and easy to use with six degrees of freedom of movement, an auto-stabilisation system and pilot assist features. Their underwater drones can operate in harsh polar conditions and challenging remote locations capturing tack-sharp uncompressed 4K video at depths of up to 1,000 metres. 

DK M-Tech distributes state-of-the-art equipment and systems to the Korean marine industry, building strong and successful customer relationships. Together Boxfish Robotics and DK M-Tech will deliver an indispensable underwater tool to the market that enhances safety, efficiency and capability in diverse industries, including commercial diving, offshore energy, marine science and cinematography.

We are excited to partner with DK M-Tech and have them join our community of resellers. This agreement brings our world-leading underwater vision technology to a new market and enhances our capacity to serve customers in the Asia Pacific region.

Craig Anderson, Co-founder, Boxfish Robotics

Launching the Boxfish ROV from a hole in the ice in Antarctica 2019
Launching the Boxfish ROV from a hole in the ice in Antarctica 2019

About Boxfish Robotics

Boxfish Robotics designs and manufactures industry-leading, actively stabilised, ultra-high-definition underwater drones for submerged asset inspection; marine science; expedition superyachts; offshore energy and cinematography. Boxfish Robotics incorporates cutting edge technology with ease of use and advanced sensing to expand the possibilities for humans to understand, experience and work within the underwater world.

About DK M-Tech

DK M-Tech is a leader in the Korean maritime industry introducing state-of-the-art marine equipment and systems to the market. Established in 1994, the company has a reputation for developing strong customer relationships by focusing on customer success and trust.