Boxfish Robotics in Antarctica for Unseen Depths

Gigantic Step for Kiwi Robotics Startup; Headed to Antarctica

·     Boxfish Research is Headed on a research expedition to Antarctica.

·     The Boxfish ROV will capture footage at depths and angles unreachable by man.

·     The Boxfish 360 spherical camera will capture immersive video of the Antarctic ocean.

AUCKLAND. – December 20, 2018 – Ahead of the new year, Boxfish Research, New Zealand’s leading underwater robotics startup have announced that on the 2ndof January 2019, Cofounder and experienced mechanical engineer Ben King, will begin his journey to Antarctica. Accompanying Dr Regina Eisert and a research team from the University of Canterbury, the team will be participating in Antarctic Top Predator New Zealand programme. With the goal of studying and capturing footage of specifically the Orca and the Minke whales as they congregate through the ice chamber that resupplies McMurdo research station. King will be equipped with both the Boxfish ROV and the Boxfish 360  underwater vision systems, which have been designed to handle the harshest conditions in the world.

“At Boxfish Research we develop high-end video solutions for underwater, and have been asked to join a scientific expedition to try and understand the better behaviour of these animals… our equipment is designed to be used by people in real situations and there’s no better way to test that than in the coldest, driest and windiest place on earth.”

Through the use of the Boxfish ROV, the research team will have the ability to capture uncompressed HD video that is live streamed back a base on a 17″ monitor. This advanced system allows the team to capture footage from depths and angles divers simply can’t reach underneath the ice. As well as the ROV the Boxfish 360 spherical camera will also be dangled off the edge of the ice, capturing immersive video content on behalf of many that will never have the opportunity to visit Antarctica.

“We hope to capture 360 immersive videos with the 360 camera which will be dangled off the ice with a rope. Then we will be using the unique super high definition ultra-stable Boxfish ROV to capture whales from underneath and from unique angles going down some several hundred meters”

As a growing New Zealand Startup Boxfish are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in and facilitate this massive research expedition. Through this opportunity, the Kiwi startup is able to expand their audience and prove their equipment has got what it takes.

Boxfish Research is a New Zealand underwater robotics company with a mission to reveal underwater environments with unprecedented clarity. Since Boxfish’s founding in 2016, after a chance meeting of three engineers, the team of seven now lead New Zealand in underwater robotics. Boxfish’s product line includes two underwater vision systems; the Boxfish ROV and the Boxfish 360. These cameras were designed and created with the goal to provide users with a seamless, semi-autonomous and reliable experience. Boxfish are dedicated to making the best underwater vision systems in the world, with a goal to set a standard across the industry. Please visit to learn more.