Boxfish ROV marks record breaking dive

AUCKLAND – December 1, 2020 – Boxfish Research announces record breaking depth range during its latest deep sea mission in New Zealand. This is the first underwater deployment conducted by a small, battery-operated remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to reach 710 meters, exceeding the industry standard.

The Boxfish ROV is used by many customers worldwide, and in industries including: biosecurity, marine science, assets inspection, cinematography and more. 

The Boxfish R&D team tested various configurations before the mission took place to ensure that the ROV could reach the seafloor below 700 meters within 15 minutes, by which it did! During the survey, 4K uncompressed video of the ocean floor was collected and recorded by the surface external video recorder, allowing quick review of the footage, providing higher quality video recording and allowing long missions to be recorded.  

We pride ourselves in creating an ROV that is easy to operate, setup, and deploy to depths that only work-class ROVs can reach, and that our customers are satisfied with the end result.

Ben King, Co-Founder, Boxfish Research

The Boxfish ROV is designed to withstand harsh underwater environments, boasting 14 hours of battery life and up to 17,000 lumen lights for unparalleled vision in dark environments. The team proved that a survey of more than 3km in significant cross currents was possible at this depth on a single battery charge. The Boxfish ROV also offers the unique capability of six degrees of freedom of movement due to its eight 3D-vectored thrusters and stabilisation system, and is the only vehicle of its size and class to deliver uncompressed 4K UHD video. 

The Boxfish team also deployed the Boxfish 360 to the same depths. The Boxfish 360 is the only 360 professional underwater camera with depth rating up to 1,000 meters and recording time up to 4 hours.

Deployments such as this one require a fast and easy to use underwater drive, making the Boxfish ROV the perfect solution for this mission.

Ben King, Co-Founder, Boxfish Research

The latest record breaking depth range conducted by Boxfish now sets the standard for all future deep sea deployments, spanning across various industries worldwide.  

About Boxfish Research

Boxfish Research designs and manufactures industry leading, actively stabilised, ultra-high definition underwater ROVs and 360 cameras for submerged asset inspection, defence & security, marine science, expedition superyachts, energy, aquaculture, police and search & rescue, VR/ AR and cinematography. Boxfish Research incorporates cutting edge technology with ease of use and advanced sensing to expand the possibilities for humans to understand, experience and work within the underwater world.