Software Update: 12 April 2022

This year is proving to be a busy one for the team at Boxfish Robotics. In addition to developing innovative robotics and shipping new remotely operated vehicles, the team consistently delivers new product features and software updates to support our customers.

Controls Enhancements: Low Latency Update

We have updated the joystick input controller to allow low latency input to the ROV controls. This enhancement means the ROV reacts faster to user input, thus improving the piloting experience for ROV operators.

User Interface: Input Voltage Monitor

To enable ROV pilots to more effectively monitor the performance of the entire ROV system, we have added an Input Voltage widget to the telemetry screen. This widget, positioned in the second column above RX Signal, allows ROV operators to monitor the power supply to the Control Station to ensure the console is powered reliably.

Adds-on: USBL Application Update

Last year, we launched a custom application for customers using our USBL accessory that shows a visual depiction of the position of the ROV relative to the position of the boat (or fixed beacon). We have now added GPS support to this app enabling pilots to obtain the Latitude and Longitude of the ROV using the USBL system in conjunction with the GPS module. This new functionality allows users to locate the ROV globally and geotag places of interest.

Telemetry Screen

Data from the USBL app is displayed in the lower right section of the Control Station telemetry screen. GPS status and data (Latitude, Longitude, Date, Time) now appears below the USBL data fields (Status, Distance, Slant Range, Direction).

Screenshot of the Boxfish ROV telemetry screen showing the latest software updates.
Screenshot of the Boxfish ROV telemetry screen showing the latest software updates.

Visit our product page to learn more about our Boxfish ROV and professional cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna. Further information about available add-ons for our remotely operated vehicles is available on our accessories page.