Celebrating Five Years of R&D!

Boxfish Research has officially been in business for five years, and to celebrate, we’re acknowledging the work of the Research & Development team.

It’s been a busy year, particularly for R&D! In 2021, we’ve introduced our new professional cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna. Last month, Transmark Subsea and Boxfish Research launched the ARV-i, a fully autonomous underwater resident vehicle. And before Christmas, we’ll be introducing another industry-optimised ROV.

The Research & Development Team

The R&D team are an enthusiastic bunch of innovative engineers & software developers with a diverse range of expertise. They are led by the company co-founders, Ben King and Craig Anderson. 

Ben King

Ben runs our mechanical R&D, carrying out product design and testing. He prides himself on technical innovation, backed by a history of ground-breaking research, product development and commercialisation in healthcare, robotics and mechanics.‍ 

Craig Anderson

Craig looks after control systems, software, electrical and electronic development. He has essential skills in electronics, software, optics and telecommunications. 

Ben and Craig have successfully balanced management and operational responsibilities with R&D continuing to develop elegant solutions for highly unique projects.

Douglas Grant

Our Mechatronics R&D Engineer, Douglas Grant, works closely with Craig on electrical and electronic development and writing software. He is a long-term ROV enthusiast, having built an underwater drone while still at school. 

Jamie Bell

Jamie joined Boxfish Research in 2020 as Lead R&D Robotics Engineer. He has a background in autonomous navigation, robotic manipulation and multi-modal sensing. His previous experience creating driverless vehicles and underwater sensor systems is proving useful in the R&D team.

Pransh Rana

Pransh joined the R&D team in 2020 as a Vision and Controls R&D Engineer and is now successfully applying his aerial robotics and autonomous control background to the underwater realm.

Jono Reshef

Our Software R&D Engineer, Jono, has put his Master of Engineering to good use, working on computer vision, autonomous navigation and IoT systems for our ROVs. He played an important role in developing Boxfish Luna’s video transfer capabilities. 

Thanks to the R&D Team, Company Supporters and our Clients and Partners

We’re very grateful to the R&D team for all their hard work! We’d also like to thank everyone who has supported Boxfish Research in its mission to set the standard for underwater vision. And, of course, our clients and partners who believe in what we’re achieving.