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Explore the Unexplored

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the great depths of the ocean? Tahiti Private Expeditions (TPE) offers off-the-beaten track superyacht expeditions throughout French Polynesia and worldwide. Today, we are highlighting TPE and their exploratory missions with the Boxfish ROV (remotely operated vehicle).

The Boxfish Superyacht ROV will WOW your guests!

The Boxfish ROV is the perfect tool for charter boat operators or superyacht owners looking to WOW their guests and give them easy access to what lies beneath the waves. 

When Tahiti Private Expeditions first heard of the Boxfish ROV, they had to get their hands on one! TPE offers their clients a unique underwater experience, including dive guides and expedition services throughout the French Polynesia and the South Pacific Region. Each trip is completely customizable to their client’s wants and expectations. 

In order for TPE to provide the best possible experience for their customers, they needed an affordable ROV that could still capture crisp, clear, and high quality underwater video. In 2018, new technology from Boxfish surfaced, with 4K uncompressed video and immediately TPE was on their way to New Zealand to meet with the Boxfish team.

Tahiti Private Expeditions newest team member – the Boxfish ROV!

The purchase of the Boxfish ROV was a no brainer for TPE! One of the most attractive aspects of the services Boxfish offered is the ability to update the unit’s software annually to include more functionality and to ensure the current technology is always up to date — something that TPE found was unique to Boxfish compared to other ROV companies.

Boxfish ROV to the rescue

During one of TPE’s client expeditions, they encountered an issue with the boat and were stuck in the open water. The water temperature was below zero, so they weren’t able to send a diver in. The Boxfish ROV was the perfect tool to send underwater to inspect and survey the boat hull, providing the team with high-quality image and video and real-time updates in order to solve the issue.

Custom Videos for Over 200 Clients

Since purchasing the Boxfish ROV, TPE has been able to add unique footage to their video content for their customers, and give those who are unable to dive the underwater experience, 4K video from the surface. TPE has also worked with international production companies, including Discovery Channel.

Learn more about how Boxfish can help you film your next underwater project by contacting us today and head to our website for more epic underwater footage.

To learn more about Tahiti Private Expeditions, visit their website and follow along their underwater adventures on his Tahiti Private Expeditions Website, Facebook and Vimeo!