Discussing Underwater Videography Equipment

Cinematographer Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS won a Silver ACS Award for the ‘Caught in the Undertow‘ music video. And if you’ve seen the video, it’s easy to see why! However, how he and the production team filmed the underwater footage is harder to fathom. Read the interview to learn more about their underwater videography equipment and process.

Plans were to use an Alexa with an underwater camera housing, but health & safety regulations made the cost of using divers prohibitive. Fortunately, a Boxfish ROV and the Boxfish Research team came to the rescue! In an interview with Australian Cinematographer magazine, Mark gives an insight into the creative and commercial videography process. Including underwater video equipment and using the Boxfish ROV for underwater filming.

Extract from Australian Cinematographer Article

C – What were your initial thoughts on the underwater portion of the video?

ML – Initially we thought we’d film underwater with the Alexa in an underwater housing, however it turns out that in 2015 the New Zealand the laws relating to underwater camera operating and workplace safety were changed. It’s a legal requirement now that an underwater operator must have a Code of Compliance (COC) which requires certification in almost every Padi Dive training imaginable, right up to Dive Rescue. Given we were a low-budget production due to shoot within a couple of weeks, this was never going to happen in time.

Extract from interview with Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS

Underwater Music Video Equipment

Read the full online article, ‘Caught in the Undertow ‘to learn more about the underwater music video and the video production process. Plus, the role of our professional underwater cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna. Alternatively, download a copy of the article in pdf format.

About Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS

Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS is a highly skilled cinematographer whose work and experience cover a range of styles and disciplines around the globe. His 25 year’s experience includes filming tv commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films in studio and location shoots. Mark’s clients include Adidas, Toyota, Lexus, Yamaha, and AMP.

About Australian Cinematographer Magazine

Australian Cinematographer Magazine is Asia-Pacific’s leading cinematography magazine and the quarterly journal of the Australian Cinematographer’s Society (ACS). Visit their website to learn how to subscribe.

Essential Underwater Videography Equipment

Boxfish Luna underwater 8K drone enables professional cinematographers and commercial videographers to capture smooth and controlled video footage with brilliant clarity. Filmmakers can shoot creative sequences similar to aerial drone videography. The ROV’s high-speed fibre-optic tether allows operators to monitor live underwater video on the surface with near-zero latency. At the same time, they can precisely manage drone camera position and camera settings on the easy-to-use surface console.