Employee Spotlight: Chris Bedford, ROV Manufacturing

For the Employee Spotlight this month, we’ve focused on a Boxfish ROV Manufacturing team member – Chris Bedford, Design & Assembly Engineer.

Chris joined Boxfish Robotics in late 2020. He has a background in working with ROVs and rescue submarines. This experience is very useful in helping develop the systems and processes supporting the production of Boxfish ROVs and AUVs. 

We’ve put Chris on the spot with questions about his role in ROV manufacturing, fibre-optic technology, career aspirations and hobbies.

Read on to find out more!

Graphic for ROV Manufacturing Engineering Chris Bedford
Chris Bedford Product Design & Assembly Engineer at Boxfish Robotics
Chris Bedford (ROV Manufacturing) with Fibre Optic Tether
Jono, Chris and Pransh with the Boxfish ROV, tether reel, and control console
Chris Bedford Assembling a ROV Tether Reel
Chris in ROV Manufacturing assembling a Boxfish ROV Tether Reel
Chris Bedford Product Design & Assembly Engineer holding the Boxfish Alpha

Interview with Chris Bedford, Boxfish ROV Manufacturing

1. What is your role in ROV manufacturing and your area of expertise? What do you find most interesting about it?

My role in Boxfish Robotics is varied, with a lot of my time being spent on the production process of the ROVs. Not only trying to get the ROVs assembled but also trying to improve the process, products, and when required, develop tools/jigs that the team needs to make higher quality parts faster.

I have an area of expertise in the termination of the fibre optic tethers used to communicate with the ROV. This technology involves a delicate process that I have worked on and helped improve over my time here. The refinements have led to clearer communications, lower losses, and a better system for our customers.

2. From a professional development perspective, if you could swap roles within the company, is there another area in which you’d like to become involved?

If I could swap roles, I would like to move more towards R&D. I do some design and development work in my current role, but I would enjoy making this a larger part of my day. It would tie in well with my background in design engineering, which I enjoyed.

3. What is something unique about you (a fun fact or hobby) that few people know?

It’s not much of a secret, but I thoroughly enjoy climbing & mountaineering (part of the reason why I like New Zealand so much!). I’m slowly managing to get others in the team to the local climbing wall.

Thanks, Chris, for all your hard work and enthusiasm. 

We love having you as part of the Boxfish team.