Learn How We Test Our Resident AUV in the Field

Since late last year, our Lead R&D Robotics Engineer, Jamie Bell and members of the Transmark Subsea and SubC3D teams have been busy conducting on-site testing of ARV-i, our autonomous underwater resident vehicle.

The resident AUV, jointly developed by Boxfish and Transmark, carries a SubC3D camera system with intelligent software to measure biomass and analyse fish for lice.

There have been some logistical challenges with Jamie based in NZ and testing held in Norway during winter. However, ARV-i is performing exceptionally well. 

ARV-i Testing at the Radøy Gruppen AS site in Norway - showing the resident AUV being craned into the water.
Launching the ARV-i by crane during testing at the Radøy Gruppen AS site in Norway.
Launching the resident AUV, ARV-i, for testing in Haugesund, Norway.
Launching ARV-i for testing in Haugesund, Norway.

When launched, the AUV operates autonomously, locating the docking station and then performing various mission commands sent from the ARV-i app. Equipped with prior programming and onboard intelligence, ARV-i uses USBL positioning to find its way to the docking station. While AruCo markers and photogrammetry cameras assist with identifying the system position and dock placement.

The video shows the resident AUV performing a docking and undocking command from its station on site in Haugesund, Norway.

A live stream recorded on the ARV-i Dock Interface showing the resident autonomous underwater vehicle docking in its station.

We’re currently trialling ARV-i for aquaculture missions in fish farm nets and will soon be sharing further information and video. Keep a lookout on our social and blog for the next ARV-i post.