ROV Development – Boxfish Luna features and optics

At Boxfish Robotics, we pride ourselves on ROV development and research. We work closely with our customers and industry to deliver the best robotic solution for their needs.

As the Boxfish Luna matures, continuous improvements are made to fine-tune the performance and enhance the user’s experience.

New Luna Features

Recent Luna software development has focused on fixes feature changes to create a more robust and intuitive workflow. Images from the Sony A1 can now be written to a USB stick in the control console during a dive. 

One of the biggest strengths of the Boxfish Luna is the quality of footage taken from the onboard Sony cameras. However, when working with the Sony Alpha 1 Luna variant and its 50-megapixel sensor, the optical clarity of the installed dome is crucial to ensure the details captured are as true-to-life as possible. Thus, we have conducted testing comparing the performance of the 250mm Nauticam glass dome and our Boxfish Luna dome. 

The results concluded that both domes perform exceptionally well and add minimal distortion on top of the installed lens. While the glass Nauticam dome slightly edged out our own, the Boxfish dome is more resilient and is rated to 1000m. 

Cutting-Edge ROV Development - Boxfish Luna 8K Drone Underwater Close-up
Cutting-Edge ROV Development – Boxfish Luna 8K Drone for Underwater Filmmaking and Ocean Research

About Boxfish Luna Underwater 8K Drone

Boxfish Luna sets a revolutionary new standard in professional underwater cinematography, giving operators maximum control, flexibility and convenience. The compact, lightweight ROV is highly stable yet manoeuvrable enabling filming in challenging or remote underwater locations. Utilising a professional cinematography drone for underwater filmmaking can eliminate health and safety issues, streamline production, and lower the cost of expeditions.

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