Photogrammetry is the technique of using a single camera to reconstruct a scene in three dimensions (3D).

Boxfish ROV has been built with a focus on high resolution 3D scene capture using photogrammetry. Historically, insufficient image quality and resolution, un-optimised lighting and lack of manoeuvrability has resulted in inferior results. In addition, the Boxfish ROV with its 6 degrees of freedom can quickly capture underwater assets from all angles to ensure complete models are captured accurately.

Building the model consists of several steps: extracting frames from the Boxfish ROVs uncompressed 4K video stream, aligning photos and building 3D cloud using the software algorithm, followed by removing the outliers and building mesh and texture. Ready image can be exported in jpeg, png and other formats and some examples are shown below.

3D model of train wheel from Boxfish ROV footage taken in Hobart Port (Australia)

3D Model of ship engine from 360VR camera footage taken
in HMNZS Canterbury wreck (New Zealand)

3D Model of cave from 360VR camera footage taken in Systema Sagitario (Mexico)

Models captured over time can be compared against each other to quickly determine changes over time.

The success in building quality 3D models is guaranteed only by using high resolution crisp and clear images at the first step. The Boxfish ROV’s uncompressed 4K video stream and actively stabilised platform, ensure quick and perfect results.

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