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Art Below the Surface

In the vast expanse of the ocean lies a realm of mystery and beauty waiting to be discovered. Black Whale Pictures, a pioneering filmmaking company, brings innovative underwater cinematography to life using cutting-edge technology to capture the enigmatic world beneath the waves.

At the heart of the French production company Black Whale Pictures lies a profound connection with the ocean. The company’s founder, Antoine Drancey, who has experience as a camera operator, director, and crew member on notable maritime expeditions such as 1Ocean with UNESCO, Barba, and Energy Observer, has combined a deep passion for biodiversity and the sea with technical acumen and established Black Whale Pictures in 2017.

Black Whale Pictures and their Innovative Underwater Approach to Cinematography

A pivotal asset in their technological arsenal since 2022 is the Boxfish Luna, an innovative underwater drone by the New Zealand manufacturer of professional ROVs and AUVs, Boxfish Robotics. This drone has transformed how Black Whale Pictures approaches underwater cinematography. With the Luna, filmmakers can dive into the ocean’s depths without leaving the deck, controlling the camera remotely to capture the elusive beauty of marine life. This ensures their safety and allows them to focus solely on capturing the perfect shot.

The Boxfish Luna allows customisable setup, providing filmmakers with control over their filming. With easy access to shutter speed, ISO, or aperture, Luna offers a range of options to suit any filming scenario. This flexibility empowers cinematographers to unleash their creativity and capture the essence of marine life in stunning detail.

You can achieve with the Boxfish Luna and its control of everything in the camera whatever you want, and then the small artist in every cameraman can speak.

Antoine Drancey, founder of Black Whale Pictures

However, filming in the ocean comes with its own set of challenges, as Antoine highlighted in his story about a walrus encounter (watch the video to get more details). Despite taking precautions to approach the animals cautiously, unpredictability is an inherent aspect of wildlife filming. A delicate balance between safety and capturing the moment requires quick thinking on the spot and advanced technical expertise from the crew.

Black Whale Pictures demonstrates what professionals can achieve if they have access to the best innovative tools. They push the boundaries of underwater cinematography and envision a future for underwater filmmaking in using professional drones.

Watch the case study interview to learn more about the various aspects of innovative underwater filmmaking and discover the wonders of the underwater world through the underwater drone!