Maximize Your Fishfarm Productivity and Reduce Operational Costs

We know that spending money on a ROV that doesn’t work (breaks down, not fit for purpose, doesn’t have service options and no additional technical development) can result in time loss, fish stock loss, inefficient operations and expensive inspection of moorings.

The role of Aquaculture is to study fish behaviour and ensure stock is healthy and safe, after all happy stock is key!

Having accurate information about livestock, ensuring higher quality fish product, being able to deploy correct feed (or drugs if needed); will result in better yield, easier decision making, improved planning and reduction of unnecessary repair costs.

Lightweight, easy to use and deploy Boxfish ROV.

The perfect ROV for aquaculture has to be lightweight and user friendly.  It should have the capability of being tailored to suit your own unique requirements, it needs to be stable and have exceptional image quality.  Fundamentally, you need technology that works for you now and will grow as your business and needs develop.

When we are talking about the perfect ROV for aquaculture, we are talking about the Boxfish ROV!

  • It will do the job you need after quick easy deployment
  • It will grow with your increasing requirements
  • It will help increase productivity and insight
  • It will ensure your staff are well trained around what is happening underwater

Case study Mussel Bed Restoration

Boxfish ROV Enhances Underwater Survey Capabilities  This Boxfish remotely operated vehicle (ROV) — which delivers high quality, uncompressed 4K video — conducted a 3D reconstruction of Marine Farming Association’s current underwater plots…

Case study Deepsea Deployment

POAL was required to conduct a survey at the site which was an extremely difficult environment to access and reaching depths of over 700 metres below sea level. The team looked at a…

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