Maximize Efficiency and Safety in Underwater Operations

Being able to quickly and safely inspect items of interest in a wide range of water conditions is what the Boxfish ROV does best. Obtaining high quality imagery and video is essential to gathering the information required to make quick and accurate decisions that directly affect mission outcomes. The Boxfish ROV is the ideal tool for getting the job done quickly and efficiently thanks to its unique features.

Boxfish biosecurity, and search and rescue ROV in action

Boxfish ROV for Search and Rescue (SAR)

Using an underwater drone or ROV in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations can significantly improve response time and mission safety. They can be deployed quickly in depths or conditions that may be dangerous for divers. Adding multibeam imaging sonar to the ROV can provide critical support to and underwater SAR team. The ROV accessory makes target identification quicker and safer.

Boxfish ROV Features

  • sustainable ‘whole of life’ kit costs
  • innovative future-proof ongoing R&D
  • easy to use and reliable
  • portable & self-contained
  • industry-leading image quality
  • active stabilisation in a wide range of conditions
  • precision manoeuvrability even in a strong current
  • ultra lightweight tether for minimum drag and easy handling
  • direct recording at the surface for rapid sharing or streaming
  • imaging sonar for work in zero visibility conditions

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