For Your Needs in Emergency Response, Environmental Mapping, and Routine Inspections

Helping to minimise expensive Oil & Gas (O&G) industry costs with a portable ROV that is rugged yet easy to store and deploy. Boxfish ROV offers exceptional stability in challenging conditions and enables underwater vision in low visibility. It is the ROV you need when immediately seeing what is happening, and acting is essential.

Offshore oil and gas (O&G) and renewable energy industries have traditionally used heavy-duty work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for observation, inspection and maintenance of submerged assets. However, these industrial Oil & Gas ROVs are costly and cumbersome, require surface power and cannot be deployed in small spaces.

A lightweight, portable observation class ROV, like Boxfish ROV, offers improved methods to perform offshore inspection tasks up to 1,000 metres deep. A team of two can launch the compact battery-powered ROV by hand for deployment in various areas of a rig or ship.

Boxfish ROV O&G Deployment on an Offshore Rig
Offshore Drilling Support with a Boxfish ROV Oil & Gas.
Photo Credit: S2 Services

Despite its compact size, Boxfish ROV can manoeuvre strong currents effortlessly and has a rugged, fault-tolerant design suitable for harsh refinery environments.

The vehicle has six degrees of freedom of movement, meaning it can move in any direction at any orientation, allowing ROV pilots to perform various underwater tasks and operations.

Boxfish ROV Oil & Gas Deployment for Offshore Drilling Support
Deployment of the Boxfish ROV O&G for drilling support.
Photo Credit: S2 Services

Two ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras complement the primary 4K camera and give the operator excellent situational awareness. Unparalleled underwater vision and a large payload capacity allow the Boxfish Oil & Gas ROV with integrated add-ons to be used for asset inspection, NDT surveys, drilling support and light maintenance work.

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Why Use a Boxfish ROV in Offshore Oil & Gas

Extended Runtime

The Boxfish ROV can run for up to 15 hours, depending upon conditions. A fast-charge option allows users to recharge batteries in 30-45 minutes if mains power is available in the field.

Capacity to Upgrade for Oil & Gas ROV

Boxfish ROV is a flexible platform allowing users to add up to eight sensors or accessories. Available add-ons include sonar, USBL positioning system, ultra-sonic thickness gauge (UT), cathodic probe sensor (CP), rotary cleaning brush, rope cutter and grabber. Live logging functionality for sensors enables users to record data on the video in real time or input it into client reporting systems.

Superior Image Quality

Boxfish ROV’s front camera delivers superior uncompressed 4K UHD video footage and 20-megapixel stills, allowing detailed examination of structures and anomalies. The camera’s 6x true 4K zoom facilitates non-intrusive inspection of underwater assets from a distance.

Deploy to 1,000m in Extreme Conditions

Safety, temperature, and depth restrict the use of divers in offshore industries, while work class ROVs also have limitations. Boxfish ROV can be deployed to 1,000 metres deep while working in temperatures of -10˚ to
+45˚ Celsius.


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