Being able to quickly and safely inspect items of interest in the water is what the Boxfish ROV does best.

Being able to obtain high quality imagery and video is essential to gathering the information required to make quick and accurate decisions that directly affect border security. The Boxfish ROV is the ideal tool for getting this work done quickly and efficiently because of its unique features.

Boxfish ROV features

  • can perform for extended lengths of time in depths of up to 1000m
  • easy to use and reliable
  • portable & self contained
  • industry leading quality live footage and stills resulting in more accurate details, reports and 3D modelling
  • active stabilisation in a wide range of conditions
  • precision manoeuvrability even in strong current
  • ultra light weight tether for minimum drag and easy handling
  • direct recording at the surface for rapid sharing or streaming
  • imaging sonar for work in poor visibility conditions

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